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April 4, 2022
What Makes a Good Fishing Guide?
What makes a good fishing guide?

What Makes a Good Fishing Guide?

If you are contemplating hiring a fishing guide for an upcoming adventure, you might be wondering what makes a good fishing guide? There are countless benefits to hiring a fishing guide, especially if you are hoping to fish in unfamiliar waters, try out or learn a new technique, or catch a new species of fish. However, there are numerous fishing guides to choose from, and picking the right guide can be challenging. As you prepare for your trip, anticipate your catch, and research when and where to go, you want to ensure your money and time are well spent. Luckily, we have a few key answers to what makes a good fishing guide?



A genuinely incredible fishing guide goes out on the water because they adore the water, not just because they have someone paying them to do it. Any fishing guide worth his salt is out on the water, constantly learning new techniques and finding the best spots to fish for certain species. A passion for fishing also means that your guide won’t obsessively check the clock while you’re on your adventure instead of enjoying the experience with you. A good fishing guide will fish on the job and in their free time. 


Knowledge of Local Waterways

A passionate fishing guide will also dedicate the time, energy, and resources to understand all the best local spots, whether you’re on a boat, on the shore, or wading in the water. Not only this, but your fishing guide should be an expert on what fish live in certain areas, the ecology of the area you’re fishing in, and the best time of day to catch certain species in that area. 



A good guide will prepare for your trip. This means that the boat is fully stocked with all the tools, equipment, and gear you need. Not only this but your guide is also prepared with the knowledge and resources to teach you a valuable technique or skill that you wouldn’t have learned on your own.


An Ambassador 

Being an ambassador means your guide shows respect and appreciation for the fish and local waterways. Fish cannot advocate for themselves and are at the mercy of increasing climate changes, extractive industries, and encroaching development. A quality fishing guide respects the water and values stewardship and education so that anglers for years to come can enjoy the sport. 


Positive Problem-Solving Skills 

Even the best anglers experience days where the fish have decided not to bite. While the best guides can’t control the fish, they can control the quality of your overall experience. A truly great fishing guide is not easily discouraged by the lack of action in the water. Instead, they will demonstrate their knowledge and problem-solving ability by changing spots, techniques, or bait. Your fishing guide should never passively accept that today isn’t a great day for fishing and instead adapt on the job to make sure your money and time are well spent, ensuring you have a great time!



Reach out to potential guides and communicate your expectations for the trip. Communicating expectations will help you both get on the same page, so you don’t feel frustrated or “robbed” of your experience if things aren’t going the way you imagined. Your guide will consider your expectations and manage them based on uncontrollable factors such as tides, weather, seasonal patterns, etc. In addition, a good guide will communicate and inform you of when the best season is in the area for the type of fishing you are hoping to catch. Knowing the ideal season to grab your perfect fish is an especially important factor if you are traveling to take your trip! 


Personable and Fun

The best fishing guides know how to have fun! Even if the weather is less than ideal, the fish don’t bite, and the whole day appears to be a bust; a quality fishing guide will help your trip be a fun and memorable one. Fishing should be enjoyable, even if the day isn’t going as planned. A break from daily life, fishing is a passionate hobby, not a chore! Joking, engaging with you, and learning about who you are and why you’re out on the water are key factors. A great guide will understand how to connect with you to make your trip engaging! While nothing quite beats the thrill of a catch, the fish come and go, a quality guide will keep the joy and fun going throughout your experience. 

Hopefully, you feel more confident as you prepare to hire a guide for your next fishing adventure. Here at Beyond Borders Outfitters in sunny Florida, we offer full-service saltwater and tarpon fishing. We only hire the best guides and provide local knowledge and information to ensure your trip is one of a kind. We don’t just support you while out on the water but also help with information concerning lodging and accommodations, airport information, directions, restaurants, and entertainment, as well as large group hosting. Learn more about us here, or reach out today to talk with one of our guides!

Our guides understand that guiding is about people, not just the fish. Here’s to your next catch! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram! 


Published: April 4, 2022
Author: Beyond Borders Outfitters
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