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Florida Salt Water Fly Fishing Charters

Each charter guide at Beyond Borders Outfitters Fishing Charters specializes in fly fishing for a variety of fish on our Florida saltwater fly fishing charter expeditions. Our range of expertise starts with basic fly fishing with fly rod casting instruction to advanced Florida fly fishing charters for the experienced angler.

We target:






All varieties of saltwater gamefish

Each of our guides has had over ten years of experience fly fishing as well as fly tying. In fact, saltwater flies tied by our guides have been featured in magazines and our flies are currently sold in fly fishing catalogs. (Orvis currently sells a number of our patterns).

At Beyond Borders Outfitters we cater to your saltwater fly fishing needs by including all fly fishing tackle and gear but encourage veteran fly anglers to bring their own equipment.

If you want to cast your fly at a laid-up Tarpon, a trophy Snook, a tailing Redfish, or an aggressive Shark, we can make it happen.

Whatever your fly fishing hopes for a great fishing experience may be, the guides at Beyond Borders Outfitters will make it happen. Call today and book the fly fishing trip of a lifetime.

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