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January 3, 2022
9 Reasons to Hire A Professional Fishing Charter
Why Hire a Professional Fishing Charter

9 Reasons to Hire a Professional Fishing Charter

Want to learn why hiring a professional fishing charter might benefit you? Have you been daydreaming about your next coveted fishy trophy? Have you started to plan out the perfect trip to capture your beauty?

We understand that planning the perfect fishing adventure can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. No angler wants to waste precious fishing trip hours sitting in bite-less waters, lamenting the choice of bait, location, or time of day. Luckily, hiring a local professional fishing charter can remove the stress of planning, researching, and second-guessing and teach you and your fishing buddies some new tips, tricks, and techniques out on the water. 

Might you have questions about the benefits of hiring a professional? Is it worth the investment? While a professional fishing charter can not guarantee the catch, it can drastically tip the scales in your favor! The pros of hiring a professional fishing charter truly do far outweigh the cons. 

Want to hook the big one? Well, here are 9 reasons why you might want to hook a professional fishing charter to help you reel in your prize!


1. Let’s Accelerate That Learning Curve

Do you fear sitting without so much as a nibble for hours while you second-guess your choice of bait, time of day, and location? A fishing guide can help end second-guessing and instill confidence based on knowledge and experience. Think about the number of wasted hours and money that went towards catch-less days while you developed your knowledge and skills. Well, a fishing guide can expedite that process and pass on valuable knowledge, effectively removing precious time (and money) from your learning curve. In addition, many fishing guides stick to specific regions. Meaning they’ve fished the areas for years (decades even!)! Guides know the areas and the fish that live there like the back of their hands. For example, our fishing guides are all locals and work year-round! As a result, they know and have the right equipment and knowledge to help you catch your dream fish!


2. Come One, Come all! Welcome All Skill Levels 

If you opt to hire a local professional fishing charter, it doesn’t matter if you have never put a line in the water or are an experienced angle. A professional fishing guide will not only accommodate your level of experience but help you grow your skills. Fishing guides love passing on knowledge and sharing fishing stories! It’s a passion! So whether you’re an experienced angler and want to talk technique or a novice fisher hoping to develop your skills, a professional fishing charter has something to offer you!


3. Share the Experience

Do you hope to share your passion for fishing with a certain someone? Are you worried that your ideal fishing trip will become a fishing nightmare? An experience that forever scares this person off from the joys of the sport? Well, you can ensure their first-time experience will be incredible with a local fishing guide. By pairing them with someone who successfully pairs people and fish for a living, you increase the odds that their first experience will be a rewarding and positive one. 

In addition, fishing with a newbie can be frustrating for experienced anglers. However, guides have abundant patience and enjoy teaching, ensuring you don’t annoy your fishing friends by bringing along a newbie. 


4. They Have it All

Even if you live close to your next fishing spot, it can be a pain in the rear to pack up and travel with all your fishing gear, especially if you are unconfident about what you will need for your fishing area. Fishing with a professional fishing guide removes the headache, leaving you able to bask in the excitement of your upcoming trip, knowing everything you need to be successful is already ready to go!


5. A Boatless Adventure 

You might have a boat, and you might not. If you have a boat, you know the mass number of maintenance tasks required to keep it running and in pristine water-ready condition. The cost adds up quickly! First, you need to consider the initial purchase cost, then having a place to store it, keeping it clean and the motor running, gas, a trailer, wheels, tires, fish finders, rod holders, oars, lifejackets…. I could keep going!

Maybe you don’t have a boat which limits your ability to fish in certain areas or adds to the headache and cost of renting a reliable water-worthy vessel. Maybe you want to try fishing new waters and are unsure how to get your boat to this new location? Or the cost to trailer your boat all the way there? A professional fishing charter removes all this worry by providing a water-ready beauty, fully equipped with the equipment you need to succeed in your fishing venture! 


6. Testing New Gear?

Who doesn’t like the excitement of trying new gadgets that make your sport easier? A professional fishing charter often provides clients with the latest quality equipment – from rods and reels to line, tackle, and bait! In addition, many guides receive higher quality gear at a lesser price, allowing you to test out top-quality, cutting-edge gadgets before making a financial investment. 

Finally, are you concerned about losing or damaging your equipment in the thrill of the chase? Let a professional fishing charter remove that stress by providing you with the tools you need to succeed!


7. More​​ Time on the Water

There is only so much time, and your time is valuable. Because fishing guides know exactly where to go, you get to spend more time with your line in the water and less time moving from spot to spot, hoping to find the perfect location. Fishing guides also save you time helping you choose and set up your fishing gear and pole. Sometimes, they even clean the fish you have caught, so you don’t need to cut your day short! Instead, you can enjoy casting your rod all day long! 


8. Learn New Water

Fishing is an incredible adventure! However, a sure way to diminish the experience is if you do not feel confident fishing somewhere new. Let a professional fishing charter show you how to read unfamiliar rivers, lakes, and ocean gulfs! A fishing guide can show you more than just new tackle and technique, but also what boulders to fish behind, where the drop-offs are, and how to navigate the water safely. 


9. Lower The Pressure

Life is stressful, and your hobbies and passions shouldn’t be! So remove the pressure of finding the perfect spot and choosing the ideal bait, and put it onto your guide! Relax, sit back, and let someone else take care of the planning and logistics so you can focus on enjoying the adventure and success of a perfectly planned trip! 

At Beyond Borders Outfitters, we are passionate about helping you reel in the catch of your life! We want to help you enjoy your adventure by removing all of the stress that comes with planning and executing a successful fishing trip. Read about some of our big fish stories and get inspired by others who have gone before you! Ready for your next adventure? We sure are! Reach out to discover how we can help you with the sport we all love!

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Published: January 3, 2022
Author: Beyond Borders Outfitters
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