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Florida Tarpon Fishing Charters

Charlotte Harbor with Boca Grande Pass is known by Tarpon enthusiasts as the Tarpon fishing capital of the world. Some remember it as the place where lifelong memories were made. At Beyond Borders Outfitters Fishing Charters, we call it home and your next fishing destination. The guides at Beyond Borders Outfitters chase fish all over the harbor every day to give our clients the most versatile Florida Tarpon fishing charter available.

Thousands of our angling clients come to this Tarpon paradise to experience firsthand the thrill of battle with the Silver King with one of our famous fishing guides.

Picture yourself standing on the bow our one of our custom bay boats with a rod in hand. A school of tarpon is heading directly across the bow of the boat because your captain positioned the boat perfectly to intercept the wandering school. The fish are slowly “rolling” on the surface as you ready yourself to cast. Your captain instructs you to make a cast ahead of the school. Whether it’s your first tarpon or your one hundredth, nothing can prepare you for the battle ahead.

When one of these spectacular fish makes that initial leap from the water, head shaking and water splashing all around, you know you have come to paradise. Once the Tarpon realizes he’s hooked he takes off through the water peeling line off of a screaming reel. The battle is on and you’re fighting one of the largest saltwater game fish in Florida’s waters, and you can be sure he’ll use every ounce of his strength, energy, and cunning!

You feel your heart pumping and can’t believe what you are experiencing each time this giant mass of silver and scales comes flying from the water. Like thousands of anglers before you, your only reaction is to turn to your guide with bent rod in hand and mutter a few words of thanks. Catching a Tarpon is an unforgettable experience. Even our seasoned Tarpon fishing guides who have hooked and boated thousands of these fish still feel the excitement each time a fish is hooked.

Charlotte Harbor, Florida, and Boca Grande Pass are home to a mass migration of tarpon every year. Thousands of tarpon migrate to our warm and clear waters each spring, offering any level of angler a chance to experience the fight.

Something that makes this area so unique in regards to tarpon fishing is the multitude of scenarios an angler might experience when targeting these fish. Our guides are well known for catching tarpon every day of the season because we know where they go depending on the tides and the moon phases. We know how to fish through inclement weather and high winds. But most importantly, we can capitalize on any conditions to ensure our clients catch fish. What makes our guides unique is that we are very diverse in our approach to catching fish. Many guides in the Harbor only fish in one area each season. When the bite is off, the clients don’t catch fish.

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