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I started fishing the waters of Charlotte Harbor in 1997. After a couple of years, I set my personal goals of a 30-pound redfish, a 20-pound snook, and a 150-pound tarpon. The guys at Beyond Borders Outfitters have so far gotten me a 39-pound redfish, a 180-pound tarpon, and a 19-pound snook (have to have some reason to keep fishing) plus a 28-pound permit and numerous other species. After thousands of hours on the water, and fishing with other guides I have learned 3 things. 1. There is no magical secret to catching fish in Charlotte Harbor. They constantly move and change their patterns just like any fish anyplace. 2. If you want to consistently locate fish you need someone like the guys at BBO who have lived on, and fished these waters their entire life and spend 250+ days a year on the water sharpening their skills. 3. My best chance to be put on fish, and better yet fish that are eating, is with BBO.

– Jere D.

I’ve known Rhett for over 11 years. I first met Rhett at the Caloosa Catch and Release Tournament, where his team always came in ahead of our team. When I started fishing with a guide 10 years ago, he was my first choice and I have never looked back. His professionalism is exemplified by always being on time with the bait on board for the charter. His equipment is top-notch and his knowledge of Charlotte Harbor is superb. Over the last 10 years, I’ve caught fish in many places which don’t get into the common knowledge base in the Harbor. I think Rhett’s most outstanding quality is his ability to tune each trip to the interest and ability of the companions I’ve brought along, ranging from expert anglers to my young grandchildren. I like to say, “I go CATCHING with Rhett”.

-Dave R.

I started fishing when I retired twelve years ago. In an attempt to make up for lost time I have fished with guides in Brazil, Belize, Alaska, and throughout the midwestern and western states up to 50 days a year. If there is one lesson I can share it is that the guide makes the trip. However, finding a good guide is often more easily said than done. All the more so if you are a fly fisher like me. We moved to Charlotte Harbor 10 years ago and after 10 years with Rhett and several of his BBO guides I can safely say “problem solved”. Rhett and his team of selected local guides, know the water and fish as close to every day as any guide you will find. If you are fishing alone, with another angler, or have a group I don’t think you can do better to assure a great experience than booking with Rhett and his team.

– Dave H.

I have fished with guides all over the U.S.A. & Canada. Rhett Morris is the best guide I have ever fished with, by far. We have fished together 9 to 12 times per season for the last 10 + years. I have never been disappointed. I would recommend Rhett to anyone looking for a first-class fishing experience.
Jim M.
The trip was fabulous. My wife said she enjoyed this one better than any she had experienced, Bryan was a great talker, his equipment was the best, his boat was very dry and very comfortable. I remember a trip I took with Rhett two years ago that was like this trip. All in all, you have your act together! Many thanks for a wonderful day. The only problem was I will not be able to leave my wife again.
-Gillie R.

Rhett, In the 10 years that I have been fishing with you, you have never asked me for a testimonial, but after the trip, you took me, my wife Regina, and my 5-year-old daughter Ivy on last week, I figured it was due time I gave you one anyway. Over the years, you have taken me on some epic trips that included 100 lb tarpon, 25 lb snook, and 15 lb reds, but for some reason, the trip you took us on last week was better than all of those. One might think I am crazy saying that since we only caught a handful of fish in the 3 hours we were out, but Mother Nature wasn’t so easy on us that day. However, it was the experience that you gave me and “my girls” that made this trip so awesome. You worked your tail off to make the trip even happen. The day before, a big front had come through with wind, rain, and cold temps. The day we fished you didn’t even know if we were going to be able to head out because of the 20 mph winds and how difficult it was going to be for you to find bait. In fact, you had canceled trips that day and the morning of our trip as well and probably would have preferred to cancel ours. However, I know you knew how much I was looking forward to taking Ivy on her first trip with you and how much she too was looking forward to it. I know you worked your tail off for several hours, battling wind and high waves to find bait for our trip. And I know you worked your tail off to find us the handful of fish we caught that day, including an 8 lb snook!! That sure was fun on a junior rod. Wow!!! You were so awesome with Ivy and the 1,485 questions she asked you in 3 hours. You showed the patience of a Saint with her and made her feel so comfortable on the boat. You passed the time between fish with stories, wildlife sightings, and fun little things around the boat. She has not stopped talking about Mr. Rhett in the 5 days that have passed since we fished with you. You certainly made a new friend. Thanks again and we look forward to our next trip together.

– Chad, Regina, and Ivy

Tight Lines and Great Times: These are guaranteed when fishing with Capt. Rhett Morris of Beyond Borders Outfitters. My wife Susan & I have fished many places for many species with many charter guides but none, repeat none came close to the total experience we have had EVERY TIME we have fished with Capt. Rhett Morris. A lifelong native of Southwest Florida, Rhett knows the makeup of the Charlotte Harbor estuary like the back of his hand. Snook, Redfish, Spotted Sea Trout, Tarpon, and Shark; he consistently puts us on these fish. In addition to being the best guide in this part of SW Florida, the knowledge and enthusiasm he shares with his clientele is a very special and delightful experience. We fish with Rhett and Beyond Borders Outfitters as much as we can and would recommend everyone interested in getting an extraordinary shallow water fishing experience to book a charter with Rhett and Beyond Borders Outfitters.

– Frank D.

What an impressive trip we had!! To call our morning “a tarpon fishing trip of a lifetime” might be an understatement. I had read many magazine articles about the fantastic Florida tarpon fishing but I never thought I would have the opportunity to experience it first hand. We literally out-fished the entire fleet of private and charter boats around us two days in a row. With your help, I was able to relax and watch as both my wife and 9-year old son hooked and landed tarpon over 100 pounds. Double and triple hookups were common that day while other boats just watched in amazement. My son Matthew still talks about the “ancient Chinese secret” bait. I am a light tackle enthusiast but even I was shocked at having to do battle for 2 hours and 6 minutes with that giant 160 pound Tarpon. We continue to re-live the trip with pictures and stories. Although the fish gods were smiling on us that day, I also wanted to thank you for your contribution. Letting Matthew drive the boat, sharing your fishing secrets, letting us cast, set the hook, and land our own fish are all part of the experience even when the fishing is not as cooperative. Your service is what will bring us back to your boat.

Thanks for everything!
-Dave L.

Chris- I just wanted to say thank you for an absolute tarpon trip of a lifetime for my 2 buddies and myself. I started to take them tarpon fishing on my own but after I thought about it, what better than to have one of the top tarpon guides in Charlotte Harbor treat us all to a hopeful memorable day of tarpon fishing. Well, I certainly underestimated what I expected on our day of tarpon fishing, after jumping over 20 tarpons in excess of 100 lbs, my buddies Scott and Andy were completely mesmerized by the whole tarpon experience. It was certainly one of those candid points in a lifetime that will certainly rank in the top 10 of stories to talk about year after year. Thanks again for our wonderful experience along with being such a knowledgeable and class tarpon guide. You absolutely cannot without a doubt put a price on what we experienced, it’s a “given” that we’ll certainly be in your tarpon schedule year after year. All I can say is Wow… my buddies had a few more “choice” words during all of the tarpon excitement but I’ll leave it at that!
Fish On… Fish Off… Fish On Again!

– Shawn G. – Catch N Bait Supply Co.

Capt.Chris Frohlich:

Thanks for the best day of fishing that Ralph and I have had in our 70 years on this planet. We were so sore from wolfing them in that we slept like babies last night. 70 plus oversized redfish in 4 hrs.

– Wayne W.

Chris- My partner and I fished in the 2007 Redbone Celebrity invitational tournament with Chris. We had an amazing time winning the categories for largest redfish at 34 1/2″ and most redfish at 36. Captain Chris got us on to schools of redfish both days and he calmly instructed us on the finer art of angling for big reds. When the bite slowed, Chris was able to get us back on the fish with his very keen eye. He was seeing stuff that just did not seem to be there but sure enough, we would toss a bait, and presto!
We thoroughly enjoyed our time on the water with Chris. We learned a lot and had a huge amount of fun.



What a great day we had yesterday (November 20, 2007). Plenty of moderate weather, calm water, and a record day for us with you sitting on a school of BIG redfish for 3 1/2 hours! After Sue and I landed 12 pounders on our first casts, the action was ON. We caught in excess of seventy fish with none under 10 pounds and the best of the day exceeding 20 pounds with a number in the 17 to 19-pound range. I especially enjoyed the technique you put me on early which involved fishing for those bruisers with TOPWATER. To be able to watch those fish attack those plugs on the surface, see the boil as they struck, and watch the fight in the clear water will be a LIFETIME MEMORY.
Thanks again for your friendship over the eight years we’ve been your customers. Yesterday ranks right up there with several other wonderful trips we’ve had together.

– Doug S. – Champaign, Illinois – Placida, Florida

In the past 12 years, I have realized the importance of spending my quality time with a quality guide when I travel to Florida to fish. The experiences I have shared with Capt. Rhett Morris of Beyond Borders Outfitters could fill a book or two. Whether it is landing a 20+lb. redfish on a fly or a large triple tail, Rhett gets the job done. The highlight of all was a 185lb tarpon on a fly. Rhett placed me in the perfect casting position then videotaped the whole fight. As a captain myself, I recognize class and this Captain is Pure Class!

I have been a fly fishing guide and outfitter for 19 years now in Michigan. I demand the highest quality experience for my clients from my team and from myself. That’s why when I find someone with the same set of values that I have, I stick with him. I have been fishing with Capt Rhett Morris for over 12 years now and I have never felt that he has given me anything short of his very best effort to make my Florida fishing experience all it could be.

-Captain Scott S.

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