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December 1, 2021
The Best Holiday Gifts for the Fisher in Your Life
Best Holiday Gifts for Fisherman

The Best Holiday Gifts for the Fisher in Your Life

Agonizing over what to get the fishing fanatic in your life? We know the holidays are right around the corner, and to make your to-do list a little lighter, we are providing you with the top gifts for the fisher in your life! Every fisher knows the perfect gift can help you hook the coveted catch. So let’s help you reel in the perfect gift for the holidays! 

1.   Something for the Hands

  •  The Rub-Away-Bar

Fish hands can have a very, how should we put this, distinct smell. That fishy smell can be challenging to remove, even after washing your hands multiple times! The solution? Amco’s Rub-A-Way Bar! Made from lightweight stainless steel, the bar is designed to bind to the sulfur molecules on your hand, transferring the molecules (and the smell). Asta la vista fishy hands!  

  • The Handsfree Bait Towel

Have you experienced the frustration of slick hands when trying to reel in the catch you’ve been after for hours? If you haven’t, chances are your fisher has! Rather than being forced to wipe your hands in desperation on your pants, the giant nearby beach towel, or a favorite shirt, consider the Handsfree Bait Towel. The ideal size for a back pocket and easily clipped onto a belt loop, fishing pole, or tackle box, the towel is made with absorbent microfiber to easily and quickly remove any slick residue. 


 2. Hungry Anyone?

  • The Meateater Cookbook

Your fisher has done it! They have hooked the catch and are coming home with the prize. There is nothing more rewarding than cooking your catch. Now the question arises, what is the best way to cook it?

The Meateater Cookbook was written by world-renowned outdoorsman, writer, and conservationist, Steve Rinella, and is full of recipes and tips for perfecting the cook on your fish! Containing recipes from across the globe, the Meateater Cookbook is written for the angler, hunter, and home cook. 

  •  Tuna Jerky

Kaimana makes an incredible assorted bundle holding five of the most popular flavors – Peppered, Original, Sriracha, Teriyaki, and Lemon Salt. Each flavor comes in its resealable pack. Packed with nutrition, each bag offers a healthy dose of protein and essential fatty acids sure to give your fisher an extra energy boost.

  •  Cast Iron Fish Pan

Does your fisherman want to achieve the perfect fry on their filet? Look no further than a cast iron fish pan! The pan is preseasoned and is an excellent tool for cooking on stovetops, the grill, or the grates of your outdoor campfire. 

  •  Catch of the Day Seasoning Gift Set

The Catch of the Day Seasoning Gift Set features mouth-watering seafood spices and seasonings. Including a trio of the most popular flavorful blends with easy-to-use directions and suggestions, this seasoning set is sure to liven up any fish fry! 


3. Handy Tools

  • Dr. Meter Electronic Fishing Scale

Made with stainless steel and hiding a large, durable hook in the back slot, this fishing scale is easy to use! It also offers unique functions like weight conversion, data lock, and an auto-off feature. 

  • Gentlemen’s Hardware Fishing Pocket Penknife Tool

In need of a handy yet stylin’ pocket penknife tool? Look no further than the Pocket Fish Penknife from Gentlemen’s Hardware. The blade is made of stainless steel. The handle comes in the shape of a fish and is made of brass. It also has a handy carabiner so that it can be easily attached for convenience. 

  • ROBOCUP Gray, Best Cup Holder for Drinks, Fishing Rod/Pole, Boat, and Beach Chair 

Looking for what to give the fisher who seems to have everything? Well, look no further than this novelty outdoor enamel coffee mug explicitly designed for fishing fanatics! Made from highly lightweight and durable stainless steel and coated with enamel, this mug is sure to hold up under countless adventures for years to come.

  • A Dry Bag

Yes, the name says it all. The purpose of the dry bag is to keep your items dry. Marchway makes an incredible dry bag designed to protect your fisher’s valuable items. Made of thick, durable 500D tarpaulin, this bag is completely waterproof and will float on the water after being appropriately sealed. The dry bag also features a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap making it a comfortable carry for all sizes. 

  • The iBobber

Even the most mighty of fishers sometimes need a little help. The iBobber Wireless Fish Finder can expedite a busy fisher’s experience. An ideal choice for novice and veteran anglers, it can link to Andriod and iPhone devices to find and mark fish depths and record water temperatures and underwater structures. 

The iBobber works in both salt and fresh water and is an excellent tracker of elusive fish! A unique option, this gift is sure to make your fisher’s holiday season brighter!

  • Fishing Toolkit

 The fishing toolkit from Mossy Oak features four essential tools to make your fisher’s trip more enjoyable. The kit contains fishing pliers, a fillet knife and sheath, a rubberized grip, an adjustable wrist strap, a folding line snip, and a fly fishing retractor, which will make any fishing trip a success!


4. An Experience 

Give the gift of a once-in-a-lifetime fishing experience. After all, what fisherman doesn’t love to be out on the water? Our guided fishing experiences are sure to enchant the angler in your life with the challenge of a new hunt, new waters, new fish, new opportunities, and new adventures!

We offer tarpon fishing charters, shark fishing charters, saltwater fly fishing, backcountry, and flat trips! Check out our big fish stories and see why others have chosen to take their adventure with us!

All our fishing guides are Florida locals and residents of the Charlotte Harbor area. Dedicated to excelling in the art of fishing, our guides are on the water full-time, year-round, and committed to providing you with an incredible experience. Book the gift of experience today!

You are now equipped to reel in the ideal gift for the fisher in your life. From all of us here at Beyond Borders Outfitters, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday!

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Published: December 1, 2021
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